Work on top of your skills

I work as a dental hygienist, as you know. After several years in the profession, I think I will do the best work for me, namely treating periodontal surgery. A heavy but very important work.
I have worked in different clinics, all in different ways. Both as a dentist and dental hygienist. At any clinic I have performed more investigations than treatments for periodontitis. I think this is completely wrong. Absolutely, I can investigate patients, but it’s not where my time is going to be added. Everyone is going to work on top of their skills as it’s so nice. That means everyone should do the best they can to give patients the best possible care. It is among other things for this reason I like so much, because we are working just as well. We also have a unique survey method called DiagnoX, which provides a complete overview and proper basis for the treatment plan.

I sometimes hear from colleagues in the industry that there are not enough patients with periodontitis to allow dental hygienists to do what they are best at. I do not think so at all!

About 50% of the population today is sick in dental disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis. 40 years ago, this figure was much higher, over 90%, but when the dental insurance came in the 1970s, the Swedes began to regularly dental care. This has given us more healthy patients, patients with gingivitis are, in principle, as many but the number of dental loss has decreased by half. Unfortunately, the number of patients with advanced dental care has been constant all the time, about 10%.

These figures clearly indicate the importance of preventive dental care. I dare say that we dental hygienists are vital to the teeth of the patients! Keep in mind that half of our patients need to visit dental hygienists at least once a year, many times a year. We have plenty to work with and in order to make us even healthier, it is important that we do what we are best at. To investigate healthy patients is a waste of resources when we can do a much more important work. The patient should be examined by a dentist regularly and also there for information about his illness before coming for treatment at the dental hygienist.